About Smidge™

Smidge Small Batch Supplements™ is a range of proven nutritional supplements, that support robust health and are made using only the cleanest of ingredients.  

Each Smidge™ product contains nutrients essential to nourishing your body and maximising the absorption of nutrient-dense foods.  

The product range includes probiotics, digestive enzymes, whole-food vitamins and natural minerals.

The team have four key priorities:

Key nutrients: Providing key nutrients in the best possible, minimalistic form. These nutrients support overall health and are difficult to get from even the healthiest real-food diets.

Transparency: Trust, transparency and comfort level are of the utmost importance to Smidge. Smidge will make available all test results, production processes and the clean, real-food ingredients used in each product.

Small-batch: Small-batch supplements are carefully crafted, with every little detail thoroughly reviewed to ensure the formulation, production and delivery of products is of the highest standard.

Sustainability: Smidge™ employ and support sustainable practices in all facets of their operation, including suppliers, environmental protection, lean manufacturing and minimal packaging. Every little bit counts toward minimising their carbon footprint.

The team at Smidge™ make it their life’s work to help you and your customers along this journey to overall health and wellbeing.

The history of Smidge™ 

Smidge™ started life as Organic 3, who pioneered a path to creating cleaner, proven nutritional supplements by moving back to the minimalistic fundamentals of nutrition and a holistic approach to health. The goal is to be as close as possible to what our ancestors ate; real, honest, nutrient-dense food.

The Smidge™ journey started with the team’s own gut healing, where they learned that mending the gut can maximise a real-food diet, with the sparkling addition of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals that our ancestors consumed.     

These key nutrients are impossible to get from the standard diet and are even difficult to get from a locally-sourced, high-quality “real-food” organic diet.  Processed and commercial supplements with synthetic ingredients can throw health issues even more out of whack.  This has driven Smidge™ to crafting their small-batch supplements with the utmost care.

During 2020, Organic 3 became Smidge Small Batch Supplements™. The main reason behind the change was the substantial growth in the last decade and the need to secure a brand (and international trademarks). The team wanted a name that would resonate and stand the test of time so that they can supply clean supplements indefinitely.  These carefully crafted, small-batch supplements gave Smidge™ its cute name, as that is all you need, just a smidge.   

Having decades of scientific research, and a deep understanding of traditional cultures and diets from pioneering the real-food movement, Smidge™ made it a priority to know their customers’ needs and sensitivities. The team at Smidge truly listened to their customers and, as a result, created a collection of targeted nutritional supplements to suit even the most sensitive stomachs, including probiotics, digestive enzymes, whole-food vitamins and natural minerals.    

And Smidge™ supplements are not just for the sensitive. They have been the choice of professional practitioners for more than a decade. Biohackers, elite athletes, and health-conscious people also use them as an integral part of their wellness routines.   

Whether you or your customers are facing a personal health challenge, want to nourish the body or just want to learn more, the team at Smidge™ understands and are here to help.

Quality and ultra-pure ingredients 

Smidge™ supplements are crafted using only the cleanest of ingredients.  Smidge™ are committed to quality, which means capturing these key ingredients in the best possible, minimalistic form to nourish the human body.  

In each product you will find honest-to-goodness, premium ingredients and key nutrients that are missing in today’s standard diet, and difficult to get from even the healthiest real foods. 

Smidge™ take the utmost care with every product to ensure the complete range is free of additives, preservatives, binders or fillers. No common allergens, chemicals, synthetic vitamins or artificial colouring and, especially, no commercial overprocessing with cheap ingredients. 

How are the small-batch products are made? 

The team at Smidge™ thoroughly vet all the raw materials used, test the products in third-party labs, and consult with nutrition experts. Smidge™ engages in comprehensive dialogue during production, and personally consume every single new product, before offering them to their retail and wholesale customers.

Every supplier involved in the production process undergoes a stringent vetting process to ensure they meet the standards for quality, sustainability, safety and purity.

Here are the steps taken by Smidge™ for their probiotic formulas, which go above and beyond large-scale commercial brands:


• Only the highest-quality probiotic bacteria strains

• All strains have been thoroughly researched, documented and banked in recognised microbial culture collections

• All strains are non-GMO, American Type Culture Collection certified and tested for contaminants

• Products are vegan, free of common allergens and freeze-dried at collection to ensure potency

And here are the additional quality control measures that Smidge™ undertake for selected products:

• Heavy Metal Analysis (ICP-MS)

• Microbiology Analysis (Biolumix and 3M)

• Identity Testing (HPTLC and FTIR and DNA Testing)

• Potency Testing (HPLC)

• Systemised Operations (GMP process on ERP)

Smidge™ only partner with suppliers that carry the highest certifications for their processes.

Smidge™ product range



Smidge™ Sensitive Probiotic Powder

- Non-GMO or sustainable/natural

Smidge™ Sensitive Probiotic Capsules

- Fresh, with very few ingredients

Smidge™ Infant Probiotic Powder

- Backed by research and tested ingredients

Smidge™ Digestive Enzymes

- Potent, so only a smidge of a dose is required

Smidge™ HCI + Enzymes [DR1]

- Free of common allergens or fillers

Smidge™ Oysterzinc

- Derived from sustainable, compassionate principles

Smidge™ Yeastbiotic



Smidge™ have created a Comparison Chart, which shows each Organic 3 supplement and its Smidge™ equivalent.

Allergen information

None of the following allergens or toxins are found in the Smidge™ product range.











Tree nuts 










Artificial colours, flavours or preservatives  


Artificial binders, fillers or additives