What is Raw Nature?

Raw Nature is a global award-winning range of natural, sustainable skincare products made in New Zealand. Raw Nature products do not contain any aluminium, baking soda, SLS, PEG, parabens, phthalates, palm oil, artificial fragrances. The packaging is 100% sustainable and plastic free.

Raw Nature’s founder, Nicky is on a mission to change how we see everyday body care.

With a guiding vision in mind and determination for her product, she developed a line of truly natural, safe, powerful formulations to give you the confidence you and your customers deserve. For those making the transition over to natural products, it can sometimes take a little getting used to but the benefits to your body and the earth make them entirely worthwhile.

What are the benefits of waterless skincare? 

If you look at the ingredients list on most mainstream skincare products, you’ll see ‘aqua’ or ‘water’ on top of the list. For example, mainstream shampoos contain 70-80% water, so why spend more money on packaging and ingredients you don’t need? Raw Nature products are made with 0% water, leaving you with higher potency and more effective formula.

•     Harbours fewer bacteria  

•     It does not require preservatives or thickeners to maintain consistency  

•     It may be better for sensitive skin  

•     Travel-friendly  

•     Requires less packaging  

•     Has an extended lifespan

What makes this natural range so effective?

Hours of rigorous product development have allowed Raw Nature to harness the power of natural ingredients. Just give it a try! Each product works as well (if not better) than other mainstream alternatives. The formulas are clean, conscious, and considered with particular attention to high performance.

If organic, vegan skincare is important to you and your customers, add Raw Nature to your shopping list.