The cod liver oil softgel capsules are well suited to people who need to take their oils on the go.  They work well for children, or those who don’t have access to refrigeration at the time that they take the oil. For optimum results, it's recommended to take this in the morning as it contains naturally-occurring Vitamin D which may impact sleep quality if taken later in the day. 


3 softgels daily or as needed, with food.

Children and Sensitive Individuals

Begin by taking 1 softgel daily with food, and increase if needed. The softgels may be punctured with a pin and the oil expressed in the mouth of young children. Best taken with food. 


2-3 drops daily as needed. The softgels may be punctured with a pin and the oil expressed into the mouth of an infant. Best taken with food.

Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

Do not exceed more than 1 capsule daily. Take as needed. Best taken with food.

Why should you choose Rosita Cod Liver Oil Softgels?

Rosita Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil is the finest cod liver oil you can buy. The softgels contain the same quality cod liver oil as the liquid version. Both are made exclusively from wild cod, sustainably harvested in the pristine waters of Norway. This raw, cold-pressed, and unrefined product provides the maximum beneficial nutrients.

Rosita Softgels are small in size and coated in 100% fish gelatin softgel capsule, making them easy to swallow. The oil has not been winterised, bleached, deodorised, molecularly distilled or refined in any manner. You will be consuming a raw and wild cod liver just as nature intended. Fresh cod liver oil without the fishy taste.