It is widely known that probiotics are great for health and wellbeing. What isn’t quite as well known is how good probiotics can be for the home. Indoor environments such as homes and offices contain a unique and diverse mixture of microbes, just like you would see in any outdoor environment.  

Homebiotic helps by introducing beneficial bacteria into the home environment, to create a healthy microbiome balance. Each spray contains millions of friendly bacteria to keep the home or office clean at a microscopic level.  

By creating a healthy microbial balance, Homebiotic helps to combat grime and musty odours. It can also reduce the need for the use of other cleaning chemicals and air fresheners that may be harsh or even cause irritation for some people. Homebiotic is made with 100% natural ingredients and no artificial scents, meaning it’s safe for the home, the family and the environment.  

What is in Homebiotic?  

Homebiotic contains good bacteria that positively contribute to the health of your home. Good bacteria restore the balance of the home microbiome, as well as helping to reduce grime and mould.  

Unlike many commercially-available cleaning products, Homebiotic contains 100% all-natural ingredients, making it safe for the family and pets. It is completely non-toxic, so it’s the ideal addition to green cleaning routines. 

It contains natural probiotic bacteria sourced from healthy soil, in a purified water base. By design it contains no added scents, colours, preservatives, enzymes or GMOs. 

How does Homebiotic work?  

Every home has a different combination of microbes, which Homebiotic refer to as the “home biome”. The overuse of antibacterial products can disrupt this balance, which can result in harmful bacteria and mould regenerating quickly on the surface. Homebiotic contributes to the restoration of a balanced and healthy home biome by fighting the bad bacteria with good.  

How do you use Homebiotic? 

Homebiotic is designed to be sprayed upon surface areas that may be at risk of developing grime or creating a musty odour. All that’s needed is to spray a light mist onto clean surfaces, and then let it air dry. To begin with, Homebiotic should be used daily for the first week. After that, usage can be reduced to once a week or whenever needed.  

Because Homebiotic has no added scents or colours, it’s safe to use on any surface that can handle moisture. Apply Homebiotic anywhere you may have mould growth or musty odours, whether it’s in the home or the office. Common areas include: 

∙ Under sinks
∙ In cabinets
∙ Around doors
∙ Around windows
∙ In washing machines
∙ Air conditioners
∙ In your shower
∙ In your basement
∙ In your vehicle
∙ Carpets near doors 

If the formula is being used on wood, varnished surfaces, finished wall surfaces or light carpet, it is recommended that it be spot tested first. When treating mould, Homebiotic should be used in conjunction with other techniques, such as fixing leaks and circulating air, as mould can be an ongoing issue. 

It should not be mixed with other cleaning products, but is perfect to use after other green cleaning products and routines for a healthy, clean home environment. 

What are the benefits of using Homebiotic? 

Homebiotic may help to:

∙ Restore the balance of healthy bacteria to your home 
∙ Prevent the growth of mould and mildew
∙ Eliminate the source of musty odours
∙ Reduce the need to use chemical cleaning products and air fresheners 

Most customers notice a reduction in musty odours within a few hours, with full results noticeable over the next few days. If treating a mould issue, customers notice the lack of mould spots returning with regular applications. 

How is it made?  

Homebiotic is a specially formulated blend of naturally stabilized probiotic soil bacteria suspended in pure water. There are no added preservatives, enzymes, artificial scents or colours, and no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are used. The exact species used are a proprietary blend of soil-based bacillus species that are commonly found in both digestive probiotic supplements and traditional fermented foods, and are considered completely safe. The team at Homebiotic have isolated specific probiotic species with documented traits of inhibiting mould growth, while also being completely safe to use around humans and pets.