Pop them in your gym bag, or take them on your weekend get-away.

You may have noticed our 454g cans of Great Lakes Collagen have been out of stock for a while...  fortunately, we have some great solutions for you! We will be introducing *NEW* 226g collagen cans, and 6g or 12g single serve stick packs, so you can continue reaping the benefits of high-quality collagen.

When will we see the 454g can size again?

Great Lakes Wellness are currently going through a re-branding exercise on their collagen products. The best we can do is offer an estimate of when we are likely to stock the 454g collagen cans. At the time of writing, we may be restocking at the end of 2022, or the beginning of 2023.

What are the benefits of the new collagen sizes?

• Easy single-serve portions that suit your daily needs
• Two great serving size options available on the stick packs
• Easy to pour into your morning take-away coffee
• The ultimate travel accessory to fit perfectly in your lunch box, backpack, purse, pocket, briefcase or gym bag